Southern Tribe

Years 6-8 Youth Group // Thursday Afternoons
Southern Tribe is a group that is all about having fun and enjoying others company as well as providing an encouraging and safe atmosphere where we examine some key values for life and faith.
(Runs during school terms)

Rocket Youth

Years 9-13 Youth Group // Thursday Evenings
Rocket Youth is a group where young people find belonging, acceptance and encouragement. We give opportunity for young people to encounter God and to wrestle with some of life's challenges in an environment of support, friendship and fun.

Rocket Youth attend the Southern Easter Camp each year, our leaders attend Southern Youth Leaders training and young leaders can attend Xtend Leadership Development.
(Runs during school terms)

Come and Go

Years 7-8 Discipleship Group // Sunday Mornings
This group runs during our morning gathering and its main focus is developing relationship and discipleship - this involves hearing and responding to Jesus invitation to "come" encounter him alongside his challenge to "go" into the world and represent him. 

"Before I came to youth I was lost. I'm still a little lost, but I am on the way to being who I am meant to be; and with all these amazing people by my side, it feels right. The love and peace in this place is immeasurable and unexplainable."
- Amber

“It’s a place where different personalities combine”
- Rueben

"Youth is always the highlight of my week. I get to learn about God, and journey with some incredible people."
- Elizabeth

The Friendly Faces involved in the Youth Programmes


Liam has been a member of CNL since the late 90's, and joined the staff team as an intern in 2011 while he completed his Bachelor of Ministries. Since graduating Liam now balances two complimentary roles; CNL's Youth and Young Adults Pastor and 24/7 Youth Worker at Cashmere High. In his spare time Liam enjoys any type of sport especially fishing, diving and hunting as well as spending time with wife Monique and two small children.

"We want to be a place where young people find support, encouragement and empowerment to change our world."

Jess & Dave.jpg

Jessamy & Dave

Jess and Dave have been involved with CNL youth for over five years. Together with Liam they make the programmes run smoothly, while connecting and building relationships with the youth.

"I love being part of creating an environment of family love and support for the youth who come." - Jess

"I like hanging out with the youth, getting to know them and whats happening in their lives. Everyone knows one another and there is space to connect with every individual." - Dave