WHAEA is our group for women with young babies and preschool aged children who are seeking connection, support and challenge for personal growth.

We believe that rather than offering short-term intervention, families benefit from long term relationships within community.  We love and accept people where they are at and encourage and guide them into personal and growth - which strengthens their families and households.

Our leaders and guest speakers who share on a variety of parenting topics and facilitate activities to support the health and wellbeing of mums. WHAEA offers education, compassion, reassurance and a supportive shoulder for the mum's and a playgroup/place for positive interactions for the youngsters.


"WHAEA helps me stay connected to my church whanau. Right where I am with two preschoolers it's often the closest thing I get to being in church. I also value the ability to connect with like minded mums and cover a wide variety of topics." - Amber

"I love the wealth of knowledge and experience in our community of mums. I enjoy learning things from each other, talking about out faith together and sharing what 'mum life' really looks like. Frances creates a beautiful space where this can all happen." – Anna B

"I am proud to be part of a group that gives a sense of belonging, sense of purpose and support for mums of preschoolers." - Rachel

Some of The Friendly Faces of WHAEA


Frances is our Child & Family Pastor here at CNL, a trained teacher as well as a mum and grandmother. She uses her teaching experience, her BSC in Psychology and MSC in Child and Family Psychology to support and empower mothers as they raise their children.

"I am passionate about creating positive relationships throughout our community, empowering and encouraging the parents/caregivers of young children to guide family and personal growth."