The teachers get to play...

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Ephesians deals with topics at the very core of what it means to be a Christian—both in faith and in practice, it invites us to continue our journey of “Shema” - hearing and responding to the invitation and challenges God is placing on our hearts as individuals, households and as a community.


Today we continue our series “Everyone Gets to Play” Where we have been exploring the five gifts described in Ephesians 4 as given by God to each one of us.

The teaching gift is about practical wisdom and philosophical understanding joined together.

A teacher will be focussed on helping people to see how God wants them to see and experience the world. They bring truth to people to shape and form them

They are similar to prophets and apostles in that they deal with ideas that shapelife.  They are interested in the board comprehension and systematic understanding - and don’t always carry a huge amount of urgency.  There is always more to learn and progress, no matter how small is progress.

Teachers can not teach what they do not know and cannot lead where they will not themselves go - they want ideas to be grounded in real life - they want transformation.