Holy Week (Palm Sunday)

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We are in the season of Lent - the six weeks that lead up to Easter - traditionally this is a time of fasting, prayer, repentance - even now the idea of what are you giving up for Lent (chocolate, coffee, tv etc) which reminds us of Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days, fasting despite temptation. 

It’s designed as a space where as we focus on the sacrifice of Jesus, we bring our hearts and lives before Jesus to ensure we are following wholeheartedly  - it’s a space for a WOF - to check the core parts of our life and faith are aligned.  To recognise our human tendency to selfishness and rebellion and to have our hearts ready for the reality of Easter - connecting with both the death and sacrifice of Jesus that we might be ready for the receiving of resurrection power.

In this space leading up to Easter we will explore what that means for us as a community, as a group called to follow Jesus together. 


This week we step into one of the most celebrated on the Christian calendar - known as Holy Week it is both an invitation and a challenge. It’s an invitation to discover what every human has searched for and a challenge to live in the light of that reality. It is both the best news you will ever hear and the biggest adventure you will ever be invited into.

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday - where we remember Jesus entering Jerusalem in the week leading up to the cross.  As we explore this today we unpack the theme of sacrifice and how we understand and connect with the cross and its continued impact today. 

And as we have been exploring as a community together - the call to intentionally choose to sacrificially love one another and to be built together using our shared gifts, resources and life to love one another and by that transform our community.  I believe there are challenges on that for us, for those of us who call CNL our community.

  • Will you commit to it by stepping into your gifting and your call?
  • Will you commit to it by honest conversations?
  • Will you commit to it by forgiving other another, bearing with one another and encouraging one another?