The Kingdom comes by hearing... so how do we hear?

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As we launch into 2018 there is a sense that God is speaking to us that this would be a year where we experience a new level of seeing and operating in the power of the Kingdom.  That together we would grow in knowing how to enter the Kingdom, and how to see the power of the Kingdom flow out of us into our world.  

Last week we looked at the parable of the sower in Matthew 19 and learnt an unusual principle about how the power of the Kingdom moves.  The principle is this:   The kingdom of God comes by hearing - therefore take heed how you hear.  And the hearing was from the seed - the Word of God/message of the kingdom.  That’s the principle.  The KOG comes by hearing the word of God, So be careful how you hear. 

I believe this is what God has for us at CNL this year - to grow in seeing and knowing how the Kingdom grows in us and how we operate out of the power of the Kingdom in us. This week we continue to ask the question - how do we hear well?