Wisdom Books: Part Two

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Everything is Hevel

Often translated to English to 'meaningless' but that’s not quite the essence – the word in Hebrew HEVEL means Vapour or Smoke and there’s two parts to it:

  • Life is beautiful & Mysterious, Smoke looks solid – but it is impossible to grasp and like fog – when you are in the thick of it, it can at times be hard to see. 
  • Life is both: Temporary & Fleeting (like a wisp of smoke) as well as: an Enigma (a paradox – looks solid but when you try and hold on to it, it disappears)

Life is HEVEL

The book of Ecclesiastes challenges our false hopes – wealth, health, security, career, and calls us to put our hope in God – and for that hope to shape the way we live…this future hope fuels a life of integrity & honesty before God – despite the fact that we will remain puzzled by most of life’s mysterys.  And in the middle of the mystery we live with trust in God and hope for the future.

That’s the wisdom of the book of Ecclesiastes.