Wisdom Books: Part One

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I love movies - I’ve always loved the power of the story - that you see and understand the world differently through the journey - all stories basically go like this:

Act 1 - character & their current circumstance & a PLOT POINT - something happens to throw the character onto a new trajectory - somewhere they would never of gone under normal circumstances…out of their comfort zone you move into:

Act 2 - Conflict/Danger - where the hero faces loss and danger both internal and external and woven through it seems the hero is about to fail, suffering, pain, sacrifice…DARKNESS

Act 3 - Climax - unexpected twist or making of the character - where they overcomes obstacles - evil is defeated, the hero becomes a better stronger person & all tension is resolved… the world is set right.

Sometimes even as we read the book that describes this journey and informs it we don’t see how parts of it apply to us…And there have been many people who have gone before us in this story and there is wisdom we can learn by zooming out…

Here is a stunning video that talks about the big story we are in and where our part is…

So we are part of this story, and there are many who have gone before us and captured the complexities of living - that have wrestled with right and wrong, with choices and how to make them - there are three books found in the Old Testament that capture the questions that are in common for all humans:

What kind of world are we living in?
What does it look like to live well?
How can we wisely negotiate the realities of our fragile existence…

What kind of world are we living in and what does it look like to live well in this world?  What does the Bible say about living the good life?

One of the struggles we have in unpacking the Old Testament is that we don’t always understand the genre and make up of the books - we jump in or hold tightly to one bit without seeing the whole.  When we ask the question 'how do we live well?', the Old Testament answers that in three books and each one carries a different perspective -

As highlighted here, Wisdom is understood from all three books/perspectives - Our issue is that often we only hold one view and then we try and justify/make life fit our view.  But Biblical wisdom is multi-faceted and holding all three in tension is our challenge - let’s start with part one today...