Appetite, Approval, Ambition

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Sunday 18 June 2017

We are starting into a new series in the Old Testament - the Old Testament is full of people - real people; whose lives are messy, their families dysfunctional and their obedience not always full or immediate, yet God used them.  Our study of their lives is to bring perspective, hope and instruction to ours - to recognise that at times we are tempted to sanitise or selectively interact with their stories and in that way make them heroes.  The reality is that their stories are powerful because they are human like us and face the same temptations and frailty that we do - yet God used them.

Today we start with Adam and Eve. They were the models of God's created intent, and in their wrestle with temptation and through the fall they also lay out for us the way in which every human is tempted, potentially deceived & goes astray.  The implications of human disconnect from relationship and the wrestle for power and control affects us all today - That is what we will unpack today.  We see in Genesis 3 there are three types of temptation and depending on our wiring one of them will be the one that gets us!