Spiritual Parents

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Sunday 14 May 2017

One of our privileges as followers of Jesus is to ENCOURAGE - install courage into others - we won't always know what is going on for other people and where they might need a top of encouragement from us to face their world.

There are three components of Spiritual Parenthood:

1.      Spiritual Depth - recognising that our ability to influence and minister to others is the quality of our personal relationship with God.  Jesus recognised this as he rose early to pray, as he cultivated connection and as he taught his followers to do the same.  Our ability to influence and grow others is dependent on our connection with God.  And this is a continually growing and deeper walk - as a Spiritual parent, you need spiritual resources, and Jesus shows us the only place to get them is from God.  You parent out of your own relationship - you share with others out of the overflow of what God is doing in your life.

2.     Submission - the ability to parent others comes from our core commitment to submitting to the will of God - in the natural parents set aside their personal agenda for the greater good of their family.  That's what we are called to do for those we spiritually parent too - to set aside our own personal desires and ambitions for the purposes of blessing the people or group we are called to lead.  Spiritual parents submit to God's authority - that God has dibs and say on what we do with our time, energy, money - like Jesus in the garden, when faced with the cross he says - if there is any other way... lets do that, but above all Your will not mine.  We are called to follow God and model that submission to God's leading, directing and priorities.

3. Sacrifice - leadership and influence doesn't mean you get to boss people around - it means you get to serve and sacrifice for others!  Spiritual parents lay down their lives for those they lead - they give blood, sweat and tears in the middle of relationship not just advice and technique from afar.